I’m Stuck…

I’ve been trying to complete Week 19 – Face Your Fears – and I’m frustrated at this point because I’m stuck. I’m attempting to sew the Madalynn Intimates Maris bralette. Even with the sew-along, I can’t figure out what I’m supposed to do to attach the upper panels. I’ve been in contact with Madalynn through email and she’s graciously attempted to help me. I’m thinking I bit off more than I can chew with this one, my skill set isn’t advanced enough for this. I’m going to continue to work and figure this out though.

Maris Bralette DIY kit by Madalynn Intimates

Challenge Makeups – Weeks 18 & 20

I set a goal to complete every challenge in the 52 Week Sewing Challenge. Even though I lost my sewjo for a few weeks, I’m making up the weeks that I missed.

Week 18 – Sew Your Favorite Thing – Athletic Tank Dress with cinched sides made from heather athletic knit – hacked from the GreenStyle Creations Bomdia Dress
Week 20 – Procrastination Sew – Ellie & Mac Monday Morning dress made from Venezia ITY

Week 22 – Sew Something Rainbow 🌈 Inspired

This is one of my best sews! For the challenge this week I sewed the Love Notion Sunday Romper – the Dolman Dress version. This dress has the neatest seams and the cleanest inside stitches. After being in a sewing slump for the past few weeks, I was able to stitch this dress up this evening and I absolutely love it.

Fabric: Waffle Tie Dye from Mood Fabrics

Week 13 – Upcycle Something

This week’s challenge was to upcycle something. This was my first time upcycling. I made the Ellie and Mac Feel Pretty Pants from a bedsheet. I like them, but I think a knit fabric would work better so they won’t be as stiff and drape better. Also, the sheet I used had a low thread count so when holding them up, they seem to be a bit translucent. I’m going to wear them out to see if that’s the case. All in all, I think they are decent.

Sew Along With Us – March 2021

Since I won the January challenge, I got to choose the theme for March. The theme I chose was: Sew Something for the Home. I made these hot pads and double pot/casserole holder. The pattern for the pot holder can be found at https://heyletsmakestuff.com/easy-sew-two-hand-casserole-pot-holder-2/. The pattern for the hot pads can be found at http://www.auntieemscrafts.com/large-hot-pad-tutorial/.

Sew Along with Us – Challenge

I take part in as many challenges as I can. I figure the more I sew, I will improve my skills. I’m sewing as much as I possibly can and the challenges give me a focus. The Sew Along with Us challenge is a monthly themed challenge, unlike the 52 Week Challenge.

January 2021 – Sew Something Cozy & Warm – For this month I entered the Ellie & Mac Chapman Cardigan. I won the challenge for this month and got to choose the theme for March.

Fabric – Sweater Knit from So Sew English

February 2021 – Sew Something with Hearts – I made this tee – the Everyday Tee by Ellie and Mac. I made cut the graphic in my Silhouette and heat pressed it. This is the softest, most comfortable t-shirt ever. This will be my go to fabric for tees from now on.

Fabric: Cotton Lycra

The theme I chose for March is Something For the Home. I’m working on some items for the kitchen.

Week 11 – Craftivism

I’d never heard the term craftivism before this challenge. In short, it means to use your crafting skills to support a cause or to make a difference in some way.

I tried and tried and tried to come up with this spectacular idea that would stun everyone. Didn’t happen. 😏 So I decided to make hand sanitizer holder keychains for my team. These were pretty simple to make. Each one could be finished in five minutes, from cutting to stitching.

A big plus that came along with sewing these was that I didn’t have to buy anything. I used scraps. I still have some issues with keeping my stitching line straight, so I don’t like the fact that they show.

I won a Challenge!

O.M.G.!!! I am one of the Greenstyle Fitness Capsule winners! It would have been nice to win that Juki cover stitch machine, but the $100 gift card for Raspberry Creek Fabric will satisfy my fabric obsession.

This was a fun challenge and I’m so glad that I participated. I planned a great fitness capsule and won a prize in the end. What more could I ask for?

I love this green, white, and black color combo!

Greenstyle Xpress Tank, Moxi Shorts, and Embrace Sport Bra
Fabrics: Pine Crest Fabrics Jungle Leaf Double Stretch Knit, White Double Stretch Knit, and Cotton Lycra (tank)
I designed and cut the graphic on my Silhouette and heat pressed it.

Greenstyle Creations Solo Tank
Fabric: Cotton Lycra
Solo logo is a cut file from Greenstyle
Greenstyle Creations GreenTee – the logo is a cut file from Greenstyle
Greenstyle Sundial Leggings and Power Sports Bra
Fabrics: Compression Performance (bra) and Cotton Lycra (leggings)
Bra has a pocket on the back (although I don’t think it will be too useful, I thought it was cute.)
Greenstyle Creations Sundial Leggings & Embrace Sports Bra both made from Cotton Lycra
Greenstyle Creations No-Show Briefs
Fabric: Grey Mist from Greenstyle Creations
Greenstyle Creations Tempo Leggings
Fabrics: Pine Crest Jungle Leaf Double Stretch Knit and White Double Stretch Knit
Modeled by Leah
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